The Dealer's Etiquette at Casino Table

Every game has a particular etiquette associated with it and casino games are no different. Gambling is associated with shady mannerisms, but a large part of it is governed by rules and regulations of play that must be followed. It’s obvious that players have to play by the rules, but every dealer in a casino has to do the same otherwise the game would be compromised. Here is an outline on Casino dealer etiquette for some casino games:

Poker dealer etiquette

In poker, the dealer is expected to do the following:

  • Be likeable: If the people playing at the table don’t like a dealer, it will affect their chances of keeping the job. So, as a dealer, as you maintain the rules you must try to be nice to the players. In case of a problem, don’t argue with players rather ask for help from the floor if things get difficult.
  • Keep it poker talk: Poker players may be talkative, but it is a dealer’s job to steer the conversation back to the business at hand and that is poker. Always ensure that the game moves swiftly and smoothly while ensuring that all players enjoy themselves.
  • Thanks after a tip: Some players when they win or have had a good game will tip the dealer. As a poker dealer, you should make sure that you say thank you as tipping dealers in poker is not required of the players.
  • Be presentable: Poker dealers must always be clean and look presentable at all times. Nobody wants to have a dealer that smells bad or looks scruffy.
  • Leave a good impression: When leaving the table, a poker dealer must always leave on a good note with the players. This is to ensure that the next time you meet with them, there is no bad blood.
  • Don’t take things personal: Players may at times say harsh things to dealers when they lose a game. This is just a result of the high emotions associated with winning and losing and one must not let them affect their conduct.
  • Be impartial: Everyone should be treated as a winner, so don’t congratulate a player on a good hand because it may tick off the other players at the table. Dealers should refrain from discussing how they would have played a hand in a better way than a player.

Blackjack dealer etiquette

Blackjack is a popular game in casinos, and dealers are expected to follow certain etiquette.

  • They must play by certain set rules and are not allowed to put in any variations
  • The dealer is expected to have good counting skills and be honest. This is because they are expected to count and have excellent mathematical skills to calculate players cards at a glance, and keep the game flowing smoothly
  • They need good people skills so as to keep players in a good mood as blackjack games can draw out for a long time.

Each casino table game has its etiquette and for one to play as required they should familiarize themselves with these unspoken rules. For one to be an expert dealer, the same principle applies. For this reason, it is common for dealers to take classes to ensure that they man games as required.