Gambling Myths - Legends of Slot Machines

But for the slots myths, perhaps, it would not be so interesting in the world of gambling. Slots myths are something that exists as long as the game itself. The matter is that even experienced gamers that know how to play slot machines sometimes wonder if they can win more according to the slots myths.
Let us consider some of the slots myths in particular.


  • Slots that have not been hit for some time are due to payout.

Fact: Actually, slots can never be due to pay out because of the RNG that is the program responsible for the slot machine payout. It generates the numbers in random so that the combinations cannot possibly be repeated.

Myth 2

  • After the jackpots, slots turn into the “cold” ones.

Fact: To be exact, after any kind of the pot, slot machines remain as random as always.

Myth 3

  • There can be more winning combinations, if one coin is bet.

Fact: Again RNG cannot possibly know how many coins are inserted. Thus, the percentage remains the same. Perhaps, the myth was invented by the gamers that experienced the long periods of “cold” sessions, during which having switched to 1 coin betting they got some winning.

Myth 4

  • Using slots club card, the gamers win less.

Fact: In fact, it is unknown up till now whether it is one of the slots myths, or simply one of the slots player superstitions, however it is absolutely wrong. Again the random number generator does not know if the card is used to start the gaming process. Sure thing, using the cards can produce no difference eon the gaming outcomes.

Myth 5

  • Casino operators know the special “jackpot button” that can be pushed in order to reward the best gamers.

Fact: Indeed, the casino operators can do a lot of useful things for their most loyal and regular clientele. However, it will be rather profitable comps and privileges like free food, drinks, hotel rooms, tickets, even air trips, etc. than jackpot free of charge. There cannot possibly be such a thing like a button that pay offs the jackpots controlled by the casino operators. It would be treated as the cheating device or so and would be for sure illegal. In fact, even the operators leave it to the RNG.