How to Play Slots - Main Moves for Beginners

Slot machine is the most worldwide known gambling device. There are millions of slot machines around the world, millions of online slots machines and more than 30 million slot players and enthusiasts! But do you know how to play slots? If you want to know please follow our instructions:

  • The pay table – read it really carefully.
  • Pay for the game. Consider this more like an investment with a good possible income. With modern slot machines you can play by inserting coins or cash, and with more advanced Ticket-In or Ticket-Out slots you will need a ticket with a barcode.
  • Choose your bet! In many modern slots you can choose the sum you want to bet on one game.
  • Activate the machine! You can activate slot machine with an old-style lever, buttons, or, in most advanced machines, by simply touching the screen.
  • Wait! After you started the game by pressing the button, or any other way, you need to wait for several seconds. The computer will generate three different numbers or symbols and put them to the screen. All numbers and symbols are randomly generated by random number generator (RNG).
  • WIN! If you get three same symbols or three same numbers you will win!

If you haven’t won – try again until you get lucky!

If you ever find a machine that you will not know how to play - ask casino’s staff to help – they are always ready.

How to play slots - Buttons

Modern video slot machines can have a range of different buttons, with different uses and purpose, on their front area. Considering this you may ask us again: how to play slots?

Usually there can be two rows with from five to seven buttons in each row.

The back row is a betting row. Here you can choose how much you want to bet. Bets go from the lowest bet on the left side to the highest bet on the right side.

The front row is a little more complicated. It has a variety of buttons with completely different meanings, such as:

  • Lines per spin – controls for how many lines you want to bet per one game.
  • Bet max – easy to understand, isn’t it? By pressing this button you will start the game with a maximum bet.
  • Cash / collect – by pressing this button you will be able to take your prize or to take your money out of the slot.
  • Help \ View Payouts – additional button for an extra information.

As you may already know slots depend completely on player’s luck, but do not expect to get lucky on the first try.