Advice on Playing Roulette

winning roulette

Roulette is the easiest game in casinos after slot machines. This game belongs to the type of random numbers and is based basically on fortune. Roulette is of two types American and European.

American Roulette has double zero wheel, because of which the odds on single number are counted as 35 to 1. For players it is a big disadvantage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to play European roulette which is more advantageous for players because of only one zero on the wheel. For someone it seems to be not a big difference, but according to statistics, casino's advantage from playing American roulette is 5.26% when in European roulette it is just 2.63%.

Today, online gambling even more popular that real one. There is no need to spent time on getting to some nearest casino, if it is possible to stay at home and play online. Roulette rules in virtual casino do not differ from those in land-based. The only thing is that game in real roulette is conducted by the help of croupier. Roulette rules assume outside and inside bets. Both of them consist of numerous types of bets.

Types of bets

Outside bets are those which are made outside of the main playing area of 38. They are: Red or Black, Odd or Even, Low or high, Columns and Dozen.

The inside bets are those which are made on some specific number outside the number layout. These bets are: Straight-up, Split, Street, Corner, Five number.

Of course, the chance to be a winner depends on bet is made. It is better to stake on more than one number and put a chip on intersecting lines.

Advices on playing roulette

  • At first, try to play free roulette online
  • It is more profitable to play European roulette
  • There is no need to find out some strategy, because roulette is mostly game of luck
  • Choose best bets that with low odds
  • Be careful with spending money