Online Slots Introduction - Game Basics


First slot machine was designed in 1891 year in New York. It was made of more than 100 pounds of iron and contained three spinning reels which were painted with fruit and diamond symbols. Drums were launched with the help of lever from the right side. When reel stopped, three symbols were seen on the front panel, if they were the same a jackpot was awarded.

Main idea of slot machines didn't change drastically from that time. Fundamental changes are concerning design, quantity of games to be played and variations of slots. Right now, modern gambling houses have different types of slot machines such as: progressive slots, video slots and usual reel slots. With development of Internet online slots are also available.

Online slots rules

Any slot machine, the same as Video poker for example, is based on Random Number Generator. Rules and bets in online casino do not differ from those in real one. Slot gambling process is very simple: player should insert coin, spin the reel and wait until some combination of symbols will be seen on the screen. In online casino it is a little bit different: played puts money on his account and credits will be granted according to the amount inserted. If for example, player inserts 10$ into one-dollar machine, he will have 10 credits. Player has also such a possibility to play in slots for free. There is no strict strategy how to win by playing slots. To increase chance of winning it is better to find casino with grater payouts.

Payout line is the row of symbols that define win.

Reel slots have three or five payout lines in comparison with video slots that have up to 100 different payout lines. Payout lines are horizontal and diagonal. Three reel slots have 5 payout lines, in spite of five reel slots that have 9 lines. Bonus slot has only one payout line, which is middle line. It may also show special symbol which means additional bonus.

online slot games UK are the only online casino game that offers a slot game to suit every player at the casino. From the more traditional 3 reel slots, to the most exciting progressive slots with the enormous jackpots, slot games are easy to play and offer great rewards.