Slots Strategy


Game of luck: slot is a game of luck there is no efficient strategy for winning the slot game. There are a few who claims to develop a winning strategy of slot game but it is intelligence to ignore their advice.

Slot machines have no memory and it is fully works on random process. So it can be said that slot machine is the blind machine in which strategies will not work properly. It is fully on luck but we can give you a few tips which can maximize the odds and can increase your chance for winning the game.

Strategies of slot games:

  1. You have to be familiar with the odds and the machine probability in which you are going to play the game. It is similar to other game you have to know the schedule of payout before putting the game coin and starting the game.
  2. You have to determine the losing limit of the day. If the limit is going to fill up then you should not play the game on that machine and it is intelligent to go something else.
  3. You should not spend all the time on any machine which is not paying out. The machines have no feeling that you have lost a lot of money on it and you will not get anything in return.
  4. When you are striking on luck then take an advantage on it's and make your bet large wisely.
  5. You have to keep knowledge that the amount you bet on that is nothing to the machine and it will not increases your winning chance but if you win then you will get a huge amount.
  6. You have to find a machine which is suit your bankroll and do not try to carry too far it. Cut your coat according to yourself that mean you should not play at the $20 machines. You should play the game at a dollar machine which would be funnier than other.
  7. You should not overlook to cash out your accumulated credits which a lot of people do.
  8. You should not continue to play what is unknown to you and it is unwise to choose that kind of machines in where you are not aware the way of winning.
  9. You should not continue to play this game whenever you are in frustration and in panic. You have to be calm before play it which will increase the chance of winning.