Slots Types and Variants

Every gamer should know the slots types as far as there are a lot of them in the slots world. Thus, in order to get the best possible slots gambling, the gamers should first get acquainted with the slots types and in such a way be able to make head or tail of slots and understand how to play slot machines in general.

Slot machines types

Traditionally, there exist two major slots types: straight slot machines and progressive slot machines. Basically, they are almost the same; however, have some slight differences.

Straight slots types

Straight slots are known to be the slots type that conducts the payouts according to the particular schedules contained on the slot machine itself. Thus, depending on such very particular pay tables, it is possible to point out 4 kinds of the straight slots:

  • The multiplier
  • The bonus multiplier
  • Multiple pay line
  • Buy a pay

The multiplier

In multiplier slots, the amount of the coins played can multiple the repayments. For example, if for 3 cherries slots repay 5 coins after one coin being inserted; it should pay 10 for the next 1 inserted coin.

The bonus multiplier

This machine works the same way as the multiplier, however, it offers the slot bonuses if the maximum coins is played.

Multiple pay line

The number of the pay lines that will repay may vary depending on the coin amount played at slots.

Buy a pay

These are the most sophisticated slots. The matter is that such machines want the gamers to play the maximum coins, always, in order to hit the jackpot.

Progressive slots

In these slot machines, each played coin makes the jackpot bigger. After the ultimate prize is hit, the amount lowers back to the initial starting point. There are 2 major types of progressive slots known:

  • The stand alone
  • The wide area

The stand alone

As far as progressive slots are usually connected in to the networks that share the jackpots, stand-alone progressives are not linked into the bank. Instead of the fixed pots, stand-alone slot machine takes the percentage of the inserted coins and is more likely to add it to the winnings of the gamer.

Wide area

Wide area slot machines are usually linked into the networks. They may be connected from a lot of independent casinos. Such slots traditionally offer the pots that are life changing.